Class Leaders


DH Class Leaders

What Captains Do:

  • Captains can tell their class what specs to play, be specific.
  • Captains can tell their class what enchants to get.
  • Captains can schedule their class on what days they will raid.
  • Captains can recommend promotions and demotions of their class to the officers with reasons.
  • Captains mentor their class, assisting them in boosting their performance.

What Captains Don't Do:

  • Captains cannot bench.
  • Captains cannot dock or withhold DKP.
  • Captains cannot remove from the guild.

If you do not follow your class captain's direction or recommendations, the class captain will raise these issues to the officers. Additionally, if you have issues with your captain's directions and/or recommendations, please take those concerns to your captain first and try to work them out amicably in Discord or in-game (voice or text). We put a high level of trust in our captains to do the right thing for their class members, the raid, and the guild. If you have any questions about the outline above, let myself or another officer know.

Current Class Captains & Co-Captains

Class Captain Co-Captain
Priest race 6 class 7 Stabitha
Hunter race 7 class 3 Royhorn


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